Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol treatment is usually not successful unless the alcoholic has accepted they have a problem and has admitted they need help. Choosing an alcohol treatment program can be very difficult. The type of treatment you choose, combined with your level of commitment, will ultimately determine whether or not you are successful. We strongly advise you thoroughly research your options before choosing your alcohol treatment program.

Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center provides advanced Ibogaine therapy and 24-hour medical staff to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests. Our oceanfront retreat offers a soothing environment to detox from alcohol safely. We do not force group meetings, and we do not force our guests to get a sponsor or to attend AA meetings. The Ibogaine treatment we provide offers intense introspection that allows one to think for themselves and discover their own truths.

The Addiction before Alcohol Treatment

Alcoholism is a hereditary disease that can also develop over extended periods of abuse. Research continues to show that alcoholism is a neurological disease caused by imbalances in brain chemistry. Many believe that alcoholics are born with biochemical/ neurophysiological abnormalities. Despite the facts about alcoholism, addicts are still labeled as weak more than they are ill. Even addicts themselves feed into this, believing they are not worthy of happiness and success because of their perceived failures. This makes alcoholism and treatment even more dreadful.

Addicts and loved ones must understand that alcoholism is progressive and often fatal. Alcohol addiction and dependence are characterized by ongoing or sporadic phases of obsession with alcohol consumption in an uncontrolled manner. As tolerance increases, the alcoholic requires more and more alcohol to function. Addicts continue to experience major physical and psychological effects of abuse. One’s liver is severely compromised and, after a long enough time, unable to heal on its own. Alcoholics are known to continue their use regardless of adverse consequences. The major challenge in overcoming alcohol addiction is facing the denial in which it hides.

If you or someone you love has a problem with alcoholism or dependence, do not wait. Get help right away. If you wait, it could become too late. We urge you to take action now and call Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center.

The Addiction during Alcohol Treatment

Crossroads Ibogaine treatments offer patients a pain-free detox while cleansing their bodies of toxins. Ibogaine works within the brain to restore the natural state of neurotransmitters in the brain. The brain of an alcoholic is wired to serve the addiction before all other survival needs; thus, your mind, body, relationships, and overall life undergo a lot of hard hits. Ibogaine eliminates the neuro-pathways serving the addiction, resetting your brain back to its natural state of functioning so you reconnect with your basic and human needs. In this process, the withdrawal symptoms and cravings are eliminated as they were attached to the same neuro-pathways that Ibogaine eradicated.

Crossroads Ibogaine treatments are monitored and guided by trained medical professionals specializing in addiction and Ibogaine treatments. As the Ibogaine treatment works within your brain, you have an opportunity to look at the factors underlying your addiction and talk about what comes up with a professional. At Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center, we understand that in most cases, addiction is a symptom of something else. At Crossroads, you are treated in a comfortable, safe, and nurturing environment to talk about your fears, challenges, and worries, and so you can begin to break through the shell of addiction that has trapped you for so long. Ibogaine sets you free of your obsession so you can focus on the things in life that really matter to you.

Life After Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine treatments continue to show that the obsession around alcoholism can be removed within the brain, thus curing the addiction. Despite the traditional belief that once an alcoholic always an alcoholic, it does not have to be your reality. After Ibogaine, you are free of your addiction and do not have to carry the ‘recovering addict’ label around with you. For the first time in a long time, you have control over your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center strongly recommends that patients put an aftercare program into place. Addictions recovery is much more than treating the neurological imbalance serving the addiction, although this is the most important step. At Crossroads, we offer Continuing Care to provide the therapeutic and educational services necessary to experience a complete and permanent transition into health, happiness, and success.

Our staff has years of experience in helping people in need of alcohol addiction treatment. We understand your situation, and we are here to help. We will listen to you carefully, supportively, and in a nonjudgmental matter. We realize you are an individual; therefore, our treatment will be catered to address your specific needs. There is no need to stress or worry about your expectations being met. Our medical staff and counselors have extensive experience and are ready to help you now.