Oxycontin Treatment

As Oxycontin has become a leading pain killer used in today’s medicine, it is no mystery why Oxycontin addiction treatment has become more common. Oxycontin is a prescription narcotic prescribed to terminal cancer patients and patients suffering from chronic or acute pain. Since Oxycontin hit the market, it quickly became known as having the highest abuse rate amongst all prescription medications.

Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center understands how serious this Oxycontin epidemic truly is. This is precisely why we offer the most successful Oxycontin treatment program available. Whether you have prescribed Oxycontin or somehow obtained this drug illegally is not important because we are not here to judge you. We view each guest as a unique individual who needs our help in overcoming a life-threatening addiction. We fully understand the idea of facing Oxycontin withdrawal is often very intimidating.

This is exactly why we provide a quick drug detox specifically designed to eliminate the unnecessary symptoms of withdrawal while cleansing the body of all existing toxins. To learn more about our rapid detox, Contact an admissions counselor today at Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center.

The Addiction before Oxycontin Treatment

Oxycontin is a prescription drug known as an opiate and painkiller. Oxycontin relieves pain as opiates are carried through the bloodstream. Oxycontin is addictive, especially in high doses and continued use. Oxycontin addiction can be harder to detect in terms of the external effects in the beginning. In time your brain becomes dependent on the drug, and the addiction forms. Users find themselves obsessing and creating more pain to rationalize the growing need for the Opiate. Some users go through several doctors to maintain their addiction, and many turn to the streets.

The side effects and consequences of an Opiate addiction influence every part of your life and body. Think of every side effect you’ve heard of and add them to this list. Treatment for Opiate addictions, such as Oxycontin, start with detox followed by inpatient or outpatient treatment. Common medications used to relieve withdrawal symptoms associated with an Opiate addiction are Methodone and Suboxone.

These synthetic versions of Opiates are also addictive and put users at high risk of countless other symptoms. If you or someone you love has an addiction to Oxycontin or substance alike, contact us today to learn more about our Ibogaine treatments and what they can do for an Opiate addiction in one treatment.

The Addiction during Oxycontin Treatment

At Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center, guests experience a pain-free detox from Oxycontin. The detoxification process is an unavoidable prerequisite that is required to begin your recovery. Through the detox process, you begin to cleanse your mind and body of the drug, which starts the healing process. Crossroads Ibogaine treatments are provided by Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses who specialize in Ibogaine treatments and addiction. Our trained staff provides support 24-hours a day.