Continuing Care

The Ibogaine experience is life-changing, enlightening, and truly a miraculous journey back to your true self. After Ibogaine, your life will never be the same again. This new journey will require a new way of thinking and responding and a new set of skills. This new journey will require you to be the kind of person it takes to create the life you desire. This new journey will require you to evolve your mindset, lifestyle, relationships, and surroundings to support your transition and goals. Ibogaine provides you a fresh start and a new beginning, but you will need a solid educational, inspirational, and therapeutic support system to keep you moving forward.

One could say that Ibogaine rewires the hardware of your neurological functioning; while, education, inspiration, therapy, and practice rewires the software of who you are. Both are equally important. Your subconscious mind and neurological system are engraved with the patterns and habits you have provided it. If you do not change the program in which you are operating from you will have to dispense 100% of your energy and effort in every moment to stay sober and to keep moving forward. This is nearly impossible and causes people to fall back into old patterns. The simplest way to make a life transition is to rewire the underlying program and patterns you are conditioned with such positive thoughts, feeling good, and maintaining a healthy and meaningful life comes naturally and with ease.

This is why Transition’s Ibogaine Treatment offers Continuing Care; because once you experience Ibogaine, you will want a personalized success program to guide you forward. Continuing Care provides you an unlimited amount of growth and development. It depends on the extent of your needs, goals, and visions as to how far you want to go. Personal development is a life-long commitment and process. Continuing Care puts you on the fast-track for personal development and success. You choose the way, and Continuing Care will guide you there!